Lido – This Is Not An EDM Show


Saw Lido for the first time live and boy was he amazing!..

Well.. For those of you that don’t know, Lido also goes by the stage name Trippy Turtle. I’ve seen Trippy Turtle a couple times, at 1015 Folsom and EDC at the 7 UP stage, however Lido has a totally different sound. Plus the show that Lido put on was ‘not an EDM show’ and far from the Jersey Club sound.

Lido performed last Thursday at the Rickshaw Stop in San Francisco, this definitely was not an EDM show. There were no lasers, untz untz, or glovers on site. Lido sang many of the songs that he remixed in the past while playing various keyboards and drumming away on his percussion pad.

Lido taking us to church! Yes he did, Amen! Love how Lido explains growing up Gospel music at church and that he has a true connection to the gospel, not just sampling and exploiting the chords and sounds of gospel music. Lido truly has the Holy Ghost in him.

Lido ended his Sunday Service with an encore performance of 4 5 Seconds. What more can I write but to end with a huge thank you to Lido for stoping by San Francisco.

Life On Two Wheels

Selfie With The Golden Gate Bridge

Last September I finally had the opportunity and privilege to do an activity that many of my siblings do, that is ride motorcycles, legally. After completing the MSF course and passing the DMV written exam, my sister sold her Ninja 250 to me and I’ve been riding almost every single day. The only days that I happen to not ride are those where I have to go somewhere with my gf (she doesn’t have her own helmet and I’m a new rider), days that it is raining, and when I sit at home and be a bum.

Ninja 250 at Baker Beach

Ninja 250 at Baker Beach

Since September to today, mid March, I’ve placed approximately 4k miles, done the oil change twice, and got in a few close calls more than enough times. I plan on riding every single day that I can till I ship out to basic training, which leaves me with about 3 more months of good riding.

Selfie With The Golden Gate Bridge

Selfie With The Golden Gate Bridge

Below is a time lapse video of my daily commute, from work to home which is about 17 miles one way. I plan on doing another time lapse when the sun comes out. Also maybe start a motovlog…

*Music is by Clean Bandit – Real Love

Happy Daylight Savings!

With the eve of Day Light Savings here, I’m looking forward and planning on maximizing all the daylight that I can by getting up early to exercise, capture some pictures, and catch more sunsets.

I can finally wake up early since I’ll be waking up at my ‘regular time’ and run on the beach on a more consistent basis. With me not being a morning person, getting up early to run outside in the cold before the sun gets up, was a challenge. There were many days I would wake up with my alarm blaring in my ear but once I reach to hit the snooze, I could tell how cold the outside world was; so I’d quickly jump out of the covers, dash to the heater and turn it on, then dash back and jump into bed. I would lay in bed curled up as a log all nice and toasty wide awake but afraid of the cold, so I would start planning out my day in my head, check Facebook and Twitter on my phone, and kick myself for not turning on the morning news. An hour or two goes by in a flash then I would start cursing myself and mentally pumping myself up to get out of bed. Thirty minutes goes by before I can finally peel myself off the bed but once out of the bed I am moving. Get the espresso brewing, iron my clothes, make myself breakfast and lunch, scarf down my food, brush my teeth, kiss my girlfriend good morning/bye, and I’d by out the door flying down stairs, already running ten minutes late to work.


Thank you to ‘Merica and all those farmers that needs the extra time for farming, I will no longer be a victim to the clock and get up out of bed early!… Well that’s the idea.

Anyway, here’s a short clip of a time lapse I captured yesterday as the sun was setting, just playing around and testing things out. I get off at five most of the day, that should be an ample amount of time for me to shoot down to Slacker Hill as the sunsets for a nice long time lapse video. Will definitely need to purchase the app, Lapse It, so that I can render videos at 1080p.


Can’t Sleep

Maybe I should just go play Destiny, do some dailies, or find a group to grind since I can’t sleep. Or maybe put on some ambient music to sooth my mind instead of searching for music on Soundcloud. Well I have a meeting in a few hours, I better decide if I want to be productive and level my toons or just play some tunes, flip my pillow to the cooler side, and fall asleep. Times a ticking.

New Year’s Resolution

With January coming to a close, I figured that it is time that I set and make plans for 2015. This year is going to be a short year for me since I’ll be headed to basic training in June with the Navy. Which is good, puts pressure on me to accomplish things on my list below:

  • Create art installation for the kitchen/dining room
  • Sketch everyday
  • Truly carry my Pentax with me everyday
  • Get back to church porn
  • Blog more

My girlfriend and I are giving our apartment a face lift since our roomate moved out. We are now in the kitchen/dining room, they share the same space, and the walls are screaming for help. We wanted to stay on a budget but still create something unique and great looking. After cruising Pinterest for inspiration, we decided to create a bipyramid origami art piece that is roughly 5′ x 3′. Once the project is done, I’ll post pics.

An example of a bipyramid Origami from KNOT Magazine

I used to be a decent doodler, but that was when I drew on a regular basis. Now my doodling skills are no better than a kindergartner. Drawing is like a muscle, the more you work at it, you get gains. So for 2015 I plan to sketch everyday…. starting tomorrow.

Photography is a hobby of mine. I’m not great at taking photos, I’m decent at it but I enjoy it. Last year I planned on carrying a camera (asides from my cell phone) on my person everyday but never did. This year I’m going to do so, even if I don’t take a picture, and just carrying a camera on me everyday will give me the opportunity to take a photo.

Pentax ME Super

Church porn? No, it’s not the new sex club in SF. Church porn is a photo project where I plan to take a photo of every church, mosque, and house of worship in San Francisco. I started this photo project a couple years ago, just never followed through with it. Will 2015 be the year that I accomplish and finish this project? Only time will tell.

Blog more…. Well this post is a good start. My last post was from a very long time ago that I don’t even want to check the date on it. I’m not going to lie to myself and say that I’ll post a blog every week, but I know that wont happen. My aim is for one post every other week.

These are ambitious task that I’m planning for 2015, most of them are habits that I need to form. Once these tasks becomes a habit and I do them everyday, I’ll have my new year’s resolution done!

WWR: Insomnia & Production

It’s fifteen till four, the shades are down so I can’t tell if the sun is ready to be awake, and I’m sitting in front of the keyboard mashing away like a keyboard warrior that is armored by a single piece of chonies.  In a few hours I have to be awake, teeth brushed, coffee drank, and out the door running up the hill to catch the train to work.

Not getting a lot of sleep is something that I am accustomed to, averaging 4-5 hours of sleep. lately my average is slowly dwindling down to 2 hours. Just yesterday I went to bed before four but was up by 5:30. Tonight, or should I say this morning, I am going to bed after four with hopes of getting at least three hours of sleep. When people find out that I don’t sleep much, they wonder how one can function with the lack of sleep. I wonder that too. Does the lack of sleep reduce the quality of work that I produce, attentiveness at meetings, and producing work efficiently?

I’ll tell you right now that the quality of my work is equal whether I get sleep or not, but since I ‘m not keeping any sort of record to defend what I’m saying, you can call bullshit. As for attentiveness,  my attentiveness at meetings is rather high when well rested but rather low when tired. So… By not paying attention at meetings, that action alone can affect how effective I am at producing work and completing projects in a timely manner.

What about the things that I do when I’m up in the middle of the night, am I being productive with myself? No. The tasks that I do while not sleeping in the middle of the night can range from playing games to staring at the ceiling and to something random such as typing up this blog post. Meh.

Well… We are about to go off in a tangent, actually more like rambling. Lack of focus should be one of the traits from the lack of sleep. Actually consumption of alcohol is  an insomnia trait that I wished I currently have. But back to the subject. No. I don’t think that I am just as productive at work when only receiving less than three hours of sleep. I told you to call bullshit. But! I work just as well, if not better, when I receive six hours of sleep or less versus sleep over 6 hours. I don’t want you to think that I don’t like sleeping when the fact is that sleeping is an activity that I do enjoy doing, especially once I am asleep.

I should be asking myself what is in the back of my head that is keeping me up… When I started this new job is about the time when my sleeping pattern shortened. Shh…. Don’t tell my girlfriend, she’ll use it as ammunition to force me to quit. Prior to starting this new job with a new company, I was getting roughly over eight hours of sleep but going to the gym at the same time. New job, no more gym time, equals lack of sleep.

Ha! I found out why I’m still up so late everyday. The reason to the lack of sleep is that I stopped working out and my body just is not ready for bed with all that pent up energy.

After quickly skimming through this post I just realized that we all need a nice vacay and I need sleep.

I do pray that this post makes sense. An English major I am not but worried that this post is garbage. Not sure if I am trying to make a point or not. Hell… I just want four hours of peaceful snoring in bed…

Time to goo mimis.

Flash Back Friday: EDC

Happy Friday Folks!

It’s not just Friday, not just a full moon Friday, nor a Friday the 13th, it’s FLASH BACK FRIDAY! Or better known as #FBF!

With Electric Daisy Carnival a week away, I had to dedicate this FBF to EDC!

So excited to head down to Las Vegas and enjoy nights under the electric sky! For those of you that have not been to EDC, it is something that I recommend you to experience. EDC is about nothing and everything!

There is so much to experience that I don’t know where to begin. The rides! Some folks go to EDC to ride the carnival rides and have a great time waiting in line while listening to music in the background. Then there are your friends! Groups of friends go to EDC together and even though they lose each other over the night, they find each other in the end. The fireworks! I’ve seen 4th of July fireworks from both coasts, San Francisco and New York, and neither one can touch EDC when it comes to fireworks display! All I can say is WOW.

Then there is the music. EDM is not everyone’s cup of tea. But one can’t deny that enjoying the music while surrounded by friends and seeing all the lights and hearing all the sounds is an experience that you will never forget!

Below are my daily recaps of EDC from last year, enjoy!


A New Chapter

Today starts a new chapter in my life.

This new chapter will not be an uneventful chapter… Or easy. I am going from a 30 minute commute to a 2 hour commute. A salary that is a fifth more than what I am making, however I’m losing the commission aspect which technically means that I am making less. Worst of all, I am leaving my friends behind.

Don't Cry Because Its Over . Smile Because It Happened

“Don’t Cry Because Its Over . Smile Because It Happened” – Dr. Suess

Sometimes one has to take one step back to take two steps forward. However this new chapter is not a step back, more like a step to the side then forward.

Friday Escape – Happy Memorial Weekend!!

Holy crap! What an unproductive night for me!  Sun is coming up and all I managed to do was watch the final 2 episodes of True Detective and cook myself breakfast at 2am. Then spent the next hour on Youtube watching random shit about RDA’s, builds, vape reviews, etc. On the plus side, I stumble across one of Madeon’s old video, which is one of my faves!

Don’t forget, this weekend is Memorial Weekend! Memorial Weekend means that YOU need to go outside, enjoy the sun, bbq, don’t work to much, eat food, and say thanks to all those that gave their lives to make this weekend possible! As for myself, I am working my final 2 days at my job! Been a roller coaster ride these past 2 years. THANK YOU ALL! Then on Memorial Day itself, I will be tailgating with friends and family at before watching the A’s beat on the Tigers.

Let’s Go Oakland!

Now.. I’m off to crawl under the sheets and take a quick power nap before I have to be at work in a few hours.

Clash of Clans Clan Wars Update!

This is a quick short post since I am note supposed to be playing games, should be working on a project instead. 

Yes! Super Cell just did a major update for Clash of Clans that affected clan wars!

Those of you that play the game saw what the update included in your game inbox:

  • Keep separate War-Base layout. Can be edited on prep day.
  • Dismiss donated troops that you do not want.
  • More detailed war stats
  • Info on each player during war
Update Overview 03

Update Overview 01

Update Overview 02

Update Overview 02

Update Overview 01

Update Overview 03

Updated map for the war

Updated map for the war, now number’s player.

Updated Player List

Updated Player List

With the overview of the war, now you can see how well and efficient each clan did during the war. As you can see, Cali Dragoons just placed the hurt on The Cash Clan averaging 91.3% of destruction. It doesn’t help that The Cash Clan only used 27 of 80 attacks.

The war map was updated as well. Now listing who on your hit list will be easier, especially when the enemy’s name is written in another language’s characters such as Chines or Sanskrit to name a few.

Finally, a well detailed player’s overview that shows how well each player is doing. You can even see the other clan’s players to see how well or bad they are doing. What I do like is that we can now see how new stars each player earned during the war. Another neat stat is how many defenses a player won/lost during the war.

As you can tell, I don’t have a picture showing myself saving a War-Base layout. One cane only do so during prep day and we are not going to war till Monday or Tuesday. I’d get kicked out of my own clan if I were to start a war just to show you that I can save a base for war.

That’s all for now. I need to get back to work.